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Nina is our
Learning Nerd.

She has been working in the Learning & Development industry for over 10 years and has brought learning to countless companies and their employees. Currently, she is in charge of innovative learning solutions at DB Training.
Nina Schwarting
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Aaron is our
startup guy.

After beginning his career in a big enterprise company, Aaron quickly realised his need for faster pace environments. Since then, he ran his own software business, worked for an e-learning startup and is currently responsible for growth at a virtual reality technology company. His love for personal development and learning has always been his key for success.
Aaron Keilhau
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Independent Graphic Designer

Jens is our
design hero.

Looking at it closely, the Learning Journal is a result of itself. Because as an independent graphic designer with a focus on motion design & 3D animations, it was a completely new experience to realize this project. The Learning Journal points you in the right direction on creative challenges. Therefore, the realisation of the structure & design was a true win-win for me.
Jens Buchholz
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